Conservative Republican Ian Linker Announces US Senate Candidacy

Challenges Bob Menendez's Perilous Fiscal Record


May 11, 2011

(Ridgewood, NJ) – Ian Linker, practicing attorney, father, husband, and resident of Bergen County, NJ, has filed paperwork with the FEC to run for the US Senate in 2012 against Bob Menendez. He issued the following statement today declaring his candidacy.

"America is at a crossroads. Will we continue on our current path towards socialism and financial ruin or will we return to our founding principles of a limited federal government and a vibrant growing free market economy? Following the latter path will not be easy but it will spare us, our children, and my children from most certain financial servitude.

"I will be the kind of Senator that has the courage to make the tough choices and puts his principles before power. I just want to help put this country back on track. I pledge that I will serve only two terms and return to the practice of law.

"I understand that to restore our country's greatness we must vastly reform the way the federal government operates, that our children must grow up loving this country not listening to its leaders apologize for its actions, and that to restore our fiscal footing the federal government must stop spending more than it brings in and further cut spending. We need a balanced budget amendment. We also must reform the safety net government provides so those who truly need it will benefit for generations to come.

"If I am elected, I will introduce and support legislation that facilitates economic growth. Our unwieldy tax code must be made flatter, fairer, and simpler. To get businesses hiring again we also need to more closely scrutinize and restore sanity to a regulatory regime that is simply too expensive and burdensome for business to comply with.

"We need an American energy policy that taps domestic energy resources to end our dependence on foreign oil, create American jobs, and bring down the cost of oil. We also need to secure our borders. And we need healthcare reform that actually addresses the out of control cost of healthcare.

"I am running for the US Senate in 2012 against Bob Menendez to save this country for my children because Bob Menendez will continue us on our current path to financial ruin. The government has incurred more debt since Bob Menendez joined the Senate in 2006 than we did in the first 230 years of our nation's history, and he has supported legislation that has brought us to the edge of the abyss."

"He voted for Wall Street bail outs, an ineffective nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill, higher taxes, reckless spending, and a healthcare bill that does not address the rising cost of healthcare but centralizes more power in Washington, DC.

"Bob Menendez is wrong for NJ and wrong for our country. If I am elected, I will be a public servant the people of NJ will be proud of, and save America for our children."


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